The Squishy Fad 101

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You noticed that this simple toy is gaining more and more popularity? Here’s what you need to know about it!

These soft, scented toys have quickly reached the fidget-spinner level of popularity among kids. However, squishies are not just for children. Here’s what you’ll want to know about this new toy trend.

A squishy will keep you serene

A lot like stress balls, slime, and kinetic sand, squishies are created to relieve stress. Essentially, they do so by entertaining you and letting you release all that pent-up extra energy. Furthermore, squeezing and twisting, smooshing and holding these toys will definitely help you to keep stress in check.

A squishy will smell delicious

Most squishies are scented. However, some of them have a scent that reflects the shape of the toy. Essentially, if you get a strawberry squishy, it will smell like sweet strawberry. Furthermore, if you take a banana, you can bet it will smell like one. Bread loaves and muffins, donuts and other pastries – every shape has its fantastic scent. Others simply smell delicious.

A squishy can come in any form you like

Literally any shape you like. Cartoon characters, fruits, veggies, French fries, a carton of milk, a penguin or a kitty – if you can think of it and it’s cute – a squishy of it exists.

A squishy is cheap

Unlike other fad toys, these are rather inexpensive. You can take a palm-sized squishy for $1 per piece. If you want to buy a whole pack of 20 squishies, you can find it for $15 on Amazon. On the other hand, if you want a bigger squishy, you can find $5 ones.  If you want a super-sized squishy, you can take one of  $20 models.

A squishy is a durable toy

Each squishy is made out of elastic PU foam. That is what gives the slow rising effect to these toys, and this is also the secret to their durability. You can squeeze and twist them as much as you want, they’ll endure it, and regain their original shape within seconds.


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