It’s Cuddle Season With The Matching Couple Onesies

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Onesie surely, many citizens of our country still does not know what Onesie is, because new trends in the field of fashion and entertainment come with some delay. At the same time, in the countries of the West and America most people who know that these are costumes of animated animals, as well as characters from comics, fairy tales and cartoons are already familiar with this concept. This concept came to us from Japan, where, for the first time, they invented sewing costumes in a single canvas, with the possibility of adding a number of elements in the form of a tail, ears, legs, and other things. It has become so popular for some that they won’t let a day pass without snapping pictures with onesies on.

What materials are made onesie?

When choosing a passing costume, one should pay attention not only to the top picks for matching couples onesies but also to the material of manufacture. Since pajamas should be comfortable and environmentally friendly. This is not surprising since the person who wears it should feel comfortable and pleasant to her. For this reason, velosoft, polyester, and fleece are commonly used as materials, each of which has its own advantages. Such clothes for the house and the street should be purchased only in a reliable store that can guarantee the high quality of the goods.

What types of onesie are?

Today, people in Onesie clothes can be found in various places, as they can be used as pajamas for home, costume for matinees or carnivals, product presentations, entertainment for spectators and others in parks and embankments during festivals and onesies as gift for holidays. If we talk about the varieties, then most often there are onesie onesies, which are fastened with a zipper, so that the person is almost completely in the costume of an animated animal or cartoon character.

Children Onesie is made in the form of characters from children’s cartoons or just mere fruit onesies, but for adults, there are already several other options, where you can choose movie characters. When searching for a suitable option, you need to take into account the size, variety of male, female, style, colors and the desired character. There are also onesie pajamas in the Family look style, where dad, mom and baby dress in them and walk around the city. You can find these all types of onesies and more at

Characters Onesie:

  • Animals (raccoons, squirrels, hares, wolves, bears, giraffes, owls)
  • Cartoon characters (anime, Elmo, shortbread, Pikachu, Bugs Bunny)
  • Creative (cookies, bagel, gingerbread, meringue cake)

Every year the options for pajamas and onesies become more and more, so finding a suitable hero becomes easier.


Having figured out what onesie is, it’s worth also telling about caring for children and adults of this type. In fact, there is nothing difficult in this, since the leading manufacturers, while carrying out high-quality tailoring, prudently make figures so that they can be easily washed in a typewriter. To maximize the protection of clothing from damage, you can use for this purpose a special mesh bag that will protect it from wear.

Where can I put Onesie?

In addition to home and the use of onesie for games with a child, this option of costumes can also be used for children’s matinees in kindergartens and schools. Adults can wear onesies for carnivals, holidays like New Year and Halloween, at all kinds of masquerades and youth parties. Recently, special pajama parties are gaining popularity, where all invitees come in animal costumes or cartoon characters, making it very fun and perky.

How to choose onesie?

Knowing what Onesie is, everyone can easily choose for themselves the option that onesies him, based on the interests and desires, goals and objectives of using the costume. When planning to purchase Onesie, you need to consider the following:

  • Desired character
  • Dimensions
  • Production material

A wide selection of pajamas and onesies, presented store, allows everyone who wishes to easily get the right option for them at a reasonable price and with a guarantee of high quality.

Currently in trend onesie pajamas, are reminiscent of costumes for carnival. The store shows a fairly large selection of original home clothes. It often resembles the characters of your favorite cartoons or animals. Such an original home onesie is very comfortable. It is possible not only to relax in it but also to walk a dog or do household activities. This fashion originated in Japan. Costumes of Winnie the Pooh, Unicorn, Pikachu and a number of other heroes are more popular.

If we in our country where this kind of clothes not so long ago, then in Japan she is very loved by young people. Boys and girls are repeatedly photographed in such extraordinary outfits and post their photos in social networks. Original costumes for adults can be used for fun at home, or you can wear them, intending to go to a costume party with friends. Onesie pajamas are usually made from fleece or velsoft. These fabrics are pleasing to the body, do not crumble. In these clothes you can spend the whole day doing household chores and feeling very comfortable. Fleece items are more expensive but have excellent quality. The skin in them breathes. The fabric does not wrinkle and keeps its shape. The velsoft onesies are more economical, but the shape keeps worse.

Artists who are dressed in onesie often take part in concerts and in various shows. Such costumes are often used on shows for children. Happens them buy for festive morning performances in kindergarten. Such kind of fervent cartoons of cartoons will be joyfully greeted by the guests at the children’s celebration. The lucky ones who visited Japan in the late 90s were the first to know what onesie is. We have this miracle appeared relatively recently. Many do not even know that fairy characters that appear in the most inappropriate places and always attract attention are called that way.

What is onesie?

These are clothes for those who are not afraid of being funny, feel the brightness of this world and want others to see it also not in gray tones. Wearing this costume, his master not only carries a soft toy but is transformed into a fictional character. It can be cartoon characters, computer games, and funny animals.

Onesie pajamas are always free-fit with bulky pockets and a hood. Clothes do not hamper movement, easily fastened, allow you to move naturally. Bright and funny pajamas completely reveal the intended nature. Tails, horns, ears, teeth come to the rescue. By the way, well-stuffed tails and horns and the presence of a hood lining suggest that the costume was made by a reliable manufacturer.

Where did Onesie pajamas come from?

Date of birth 1994 Place of birth is Japan. It first appeared on children’s parties, various events for the entertainment of the audience. The exit of the animator to Onesie immediately created an atmosphere of joy and wonder.

New clothes are so much liked by the Japanese that designers began to develop this area urgently. First, life-size puppets appeared in the form of some animal or character. They covered their owner with their heads, had slits for the eyes. They were replaced by lightweight options. Designers opened the face, adapting the ears, eyes and other expressive elements to the hoods.

The popularity of the products led to the creation of cozy and soft onesie pajamas for the home. Japanese youth, in spite of gray everyday life, began to wear these funny and funny costumes everywhere.

Anime onesie

These costumes are usually used by actors who participate in festivals, television shows, and music videos. They do not just wear boy onesies but complement it with a mask, wig, jewelry, and various attributes. Having dressed up the actor is reincarnated in his hero completely copying his gait, voice, character.

Masks are made of solid material inside covered with soft material. Open masks cover only the face and are easily removed. Closed rear snap on the lock. Both those and others necessarily provide the review.

BJD Onesie

This trend has emerged not so long ago from anime products. Hinged dolls became very popular in Japan. Often collectible and have the appropriate price. As a result, the onesie-anime in the form of a swiveled doll appeared at different festivals since 2011. Different companies produce masks in the style of articulated dolls. Their popularity has pushed Japanese designers to create onesies based on latest trends. The head mask is combined with a special costume resembling the body of a doll. The costume is complemented by various clothes and wigs.

What is onesie for?

Acquisition targets are different:

  • For this fit anime onesie. They are used by professional animators for public entertainment or for promotional purposes.
  • Onesies more simple pajamas with hoods. They should be warm, comfortable to walk home in the cool evening. You can additionally purchase slippers, legs, complementing the costume. If you wish, you can sleep in these pajamas. Manufacturers and happy owners assure that tails and horns do not make sleep restless. Although it is worth-noting that onesies don’t have the full benefits of a blanket.
  • Onesie is perfect for adults for non-standard parties, children for matinees and masquerades.

In any case, he should bring joy. Tell anywhere to buy Onesie, will help any search engine on the Internet or friends who already have it.

Materials from which they sew onesie

The material should not cause allergies. I want it to be soft, fluffy and give pleasure to the owner in contact with the body. And others should have a desire to touch and stroke.

Materials such as fleece and velsoft are great for this. Both materials pass air, but at the same time retain heat well. Just take care of them, they are easily erased. Fleece more expensive material, and this is his only drawback.

Velsoft is cheaper, very reminiscent to the touch and seemingly fleece. For commercial purposes, even has the name soft fleece. A significant disadvantage is that over time it loses its shape, indisputable advantage an affordable price for many.