10 Simple Ways to Support New Parents

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The need for positive parenting communities seems to be greater than ever before. According to a recent survey, seven out of 10 parents report feeling judged by other parents, however 92 percent of parents say having a positive and supportive parent environment is helpful. To help share positivity over judgment, below are 10 simple tips on how to support new parents in your life.

1. Offer to make dinner. While new parents focus on their child’s nutrition, they have less time to prepare their own meals. Offering to cook dinner or prepare lunch will save them precious time.

2. Help with cleaning. It’s no secret that new parents are busy. Help new parents have more time to connect with their little one by offering to do the dishes, wipe the counters or fold laundry.

3. Cover those germs! A baby’s immune system is extra fragile, so it’s best to use precaution. If you’re feeling under the weather, let parents know that you think it’s better to have a phone call instead. They’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness.

4. Voice your support of them. All parents are looking out for what’s best for their child, whether it’s decisions about education, feeding or sleep training, but they’re often met with judgment and they need support more than you may realize. Join the Similac Promises Project to end the cycle of parent shaming by taking to social media to pledge to support parents in your life using #PromisesProject.

5. Keep your kisses to yourself. As much as you may want to kiss an adorable new baby, this should be avoided at all costs. Newborns have immature immune systems, which make them extra susceptible to illnesses and infections.

6. Hold with caution. We all love holding newborns. To best protect a baby, make sure you received permission before holding a little one. Take the time to wash your hands and place a wrap cloth between your clothes and the baby’s skin. New parents will be grateful for your mindfulness.

7. Become a helpful visitor. Between family members, friends and neighbors stopping by to meet the little one, households with newborns are busy with visitors. Show your support by coming over ready to help. Be prepared to pick up toys, prepare the baby’s food or print pictures to send to family members far away.

8. Offer to run errands. With a lot on their to-do list, new parents often struggle to find the time to run errands. Give assistance by offering to pick up groceries, diapers or formula next time you’re at the store. These simple acts will remind them that they’re not alone in their parenting journey.

9. Know the curfew. New parents are busy adjusting to a new lifestyle. While company is appreciated, be sure to say your goodbyes at a reasonable hour.

10. Ask how you can help. Parenting is a unique experience for everyone and each parent has individual needs. Asking a new parent how you can help allows them to communicate a specific request that you may not have thought of before.